Talisker Skye Whisky Review

A genuine review of Talisker Skye whisk

If you’re a whisky fan, you’ve probably already tried a Talisker whisky or two. Talisker are a reliably great scotch whisky maker, based in the Isle of Skye, and if you’ve tried any of their whiskies before, you’ve probably tried the excellent 10 year old single malt.

Talisker whiskies are known for their smoky notes, with an unmistakably maritime saltiness. So how does their homage to their home island fit into this canon? Check out our review of the new Talisker Skye.

First tasting: Talisker Skye

From the start, you know you’re in for a treat with the Talisker Skye. On the nose, the smoky notes aren’t immediately obvious. In fact, I get mostly caramel and citrus, before I’ve even tasted a drop – and that smoky scent is definitely there but not overpowering.

On the first sip, you’re taken aback by the peppery, slightly spicy tone of the whisky. But this melts away into a complex mixture of the aforementioned citrus, smoothed out with a sweet caramel flavour.

This is rounded off nicely by the very gentle smokiness of the Talisker Skye, something you’d expect from a Talisker whisky.

For me, the smoky taste of this whisky is very much a subtle influence. It’s not on the in your face level of a Laphroaig, but instead offers a gentle warming tinge to this very pleasant dram.

Complex flavours

I mentioned the peppery initial notes on the Talisker Skye. I tend to take my whisky neat, so I thought I’d see how the Talisker Skye behaves with some ice.

As expected, the dilution does temper the pepper and spice slightly, which for some might be a welcome break. I also found that the oak cask element of the tasting notes came through with a touch of ice. In fact, the harshness of the pepper is an element I enjoyed, personally. But for those looking for a smoother dram, a block of ice or drop if cold mineral water will definitely take the edge off.

Who is the Talisker Skye for?

Fans of peated whisky will be very happy with Talisker Skye. Although it has what might be seen as quite a harsh initial taste, with the pepper and spice, I find that once you’ve found your footing that this is a very smooth whisky experience.

In fact, once I had started on the bottle I found it incredibly moreish. I am a sucker for spice though, so those pepper tones definitely make this an enjoyable drink.

People who prefer their whisky smooth and sweet might find the Talisker Skye a hard one to swallow. But fans of real whisky will find this a thouroughly enjoyable bottle, and one they might even revisit happily.

I would personally, happily get stuck into another bottle of Talisker Skye!

Our rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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