The Crypto Influencer Accounts You Need To Follow

Which crypto twitter influencers are best to follow?

Making sense of the crypto currency sphere can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of information to digest if you’re serious about crypto investing, and doing analysis or finding upcoming projects worth investing in can be hard.

Luckily, there are lots of great crypto influencers who can make it easier for you.

Why follow crypto influencers?

Well, these guys understand the market, spot upcoming projects, know how to do analysis and often call market moves well in advance. So if you’re wondering where to put your money, when to take profits or even what the hell you’re actually doing, a crypto influencer can help you.

There are a lot of rubbish influencers though. And if you want avoid the noise, you’ll need to just follow the guys who actually know what they’re talking about and aren’t just shilling shitty projects that they’re involved in or have been paid for.

So, this is our pick of the crypto influencers that we think know their shit and are worth following.

These are all Twitter based crypto influencers, which we think is the best platform for crypto information.

1. EmperorBTC

Emperor is one of the best crypto influencers by far. He offers totally free trading information and often calls market movements and even some projects to invest in.

if you follow just one crypto twitter account, this is our best choice.

Check him out at @EmperorBTC

2. Raoul Pal

Experienced financial professional Raoul Pal is one of the strongest voices and advocates for the entire crypto space. His insight into the movements in the market are second to none, and his predictions are strongly respected by many in financial circles.

He also owns and manages the Real Vision Crypto channel which we strongly recommend you sign up for. It’s free information, interviews and insight into the rapidly developing crypto sphere.

Follow Raoul @RaoulGMI

3. Crypto Wizard

I’ve been following Crypto Wizard for a few months, and this guy has some very strong calls. He seems to find these ridiculous low cap gems that have, invariably, performed incredibly. While he isn’t 100% right (nobody is), if you want tip offs about possible explosive gains, this guy is a definite follow.

Give him a follow @CryptoWizard

4. Lisa Edwards

Australian Elliot Wave Trader, Lisa Edwards is the first one on this list to have a paid signals group. Although people (especially EmperorBTC) often warn against paid groups, we think Lisa’s Gettingstartedincrypto group is actually worth the investment.

The paid group often has some good calls, including buy-in points, sell targets and stop loss levels. Her Twitter profile also features some good free analysis and calls, so definitely drop her a follow.


5. Michael van de Poppe

You’ll often see CryptoMichael quoted in the crypto publications, such as CoinTelegraph. He does give some great analysis and free charts on his account, looking at both major cap coins and smaller caps too.

This is another account full of great free information, and a strong contender for best crypto influencer account to follow.


6. Plan B

A very useful account for looking at the general market conditions, Plan B often calls this like big upside moves, dumps and potential big moving coins. He’s especially useful for investors looking at the effects of the wider financial systems on crypto movements.

Check him out @100TrillionUSD

7. Shardi B

If you want someone to call coins that are probably about to pump, Shardi B is your go to crypto influencer. She is very much on the pulse with technical indicators for projects about to break out. Often she’ll call coins that are worth accumulating long term too, so if you’re looking at stacking some potential bullish projects, get Shardi on your list.

She’s over at @ShardiB2

8. Il Capo of NOIA

Another very useful crypto influencer account, Il Capo also often calls small cap coins worth investing in. He also offers some good market insight too, and is generally very useful.

Give him a follow at @CryptoCapo_

9. BloodGoodBTC

More useful insight and technical analysis for free. Although there are some analysis calls here, mostly BloodGood is about trading psychology and useful tools. A good addition to any crypto Twitter follow list.

Add him to your list here @BloodGoodBTC

10. KoroushAK

Some nice analysis and coin calls, as well as trading advice, make Koroush and good account to follow. He does the occasional chart too, which is handy.

Follow @KoroushAK

11. Playboy Cartel

This is actually our own crypto twitter account, and is a joint partnership between myself and our resident crypto expert Joe Black. We aim to offer free, impartial advice on all things related to crypto, financial freedom and investing in general.

The account is mostly run by Joe Black, who is very much into shorter trading strategies, low caps, swaps and NFTs. However, there are also links to longer term projects worth investing in and much more.

Go check out @Cartel_Playboy for more info.

12. Lark Davis

Market analysis, coin calls and general crypto insight make CryptoLark one of the most followed crypto influencers. We strongly recommend you follow him too.

Check him out at @TheCryptoLark

13. Crypto Bull Tony

If you like to have good analysis and charts on your CT feed, then definitely make sure you’re following CryptoBullTony. Regular charts with targets, profit take levels and general advice are all daily staples here.

A must follow account for us… Check him out @CryptoTony_


While we’re looking at guys who do great charting and technical analysis, don’t forget Kaleo. His charts are often very useful and give some decent and realistic long term targets. He looks at both major caps and small cap crypto projects, so make sure to get him on your feed.


15. The Wolf of All Streets

Scott Melker offers some excellent analysis including charts and coin tip offs. He also produces a free newsletter which is pretty handy too.

To add to his prestige, he is often quoted as an industry expert by crypto publications.

Go follow him @ScottMelker

16. Trader XO

A bit of forex and crypto here, make Trader XO a useful account to follow. He offers regular charts, calls low cap gems and has a good eye for potential break outs and dips.

Check him out at @Trader_XO


Remember that all of these crypto twitter influencers are great for tip offs, insight and extra analysis. But, they’re not infallible and their advice is not necessarily what you should do.

When investing YOUR own money, you should always do your own research into projects. This generally means checking out the fundamentals of the project and understanding how it could move both up or down.

These crypto influencers are a great place to start on your crypto journey, but remember to never stop learning!

Check out our crypto investing advice too….

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