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The Top 6 Essential Apps For Travel

Technology has made travelling a breeze. Read our list of the best apps for travel.

Arriving in a new city you can find your way around, book a hotel and order food before you’ve even left the airport!

These are the best apps for the modern traveller and global playboy. You’ll find these indispensable once you’ve used them a few times.



The public transport navigation app has grown from a useful tool for Londoners to providing in depth and up to date travel info in most of the world’s major cities, now it’s one of the best travel apps.

Covering around 40 cities (new ones are added to the list regularly), navigating a new city’s tangled subway system or complicated bus routes is so much easier with CityMapper. Once you’ve got this on your phone it’s not going to get uninstalled, especially if you live in one of the featured cities.

Cities include London, Paris, New York, Manchester, Toronto, Tokyo, Moscow, Rome, Copenhagen and Sydney – amongst many others.

CityMapper is free and available on iOS or Android.



Despite publicised problems with licensing in London, Uber is still the taxi app taking the world by storm. If you travel and you don’t have it on your smartphone yet then you’re missing out. Taxis are often half price and usually a much better service than the local option.

Uber covers a wide range of cities on every continent. No haggling, no worrying about being messed about. Uber finds the best route and fare so you can just focus on getting there…

Uber is available for iOS and Android.



This app and website is so ridiculously helpful it’s a wonder not everyone knows about it. Want to know how to get from point A to point B? Either of those points being pretty much anywhere on earth?

Rome2Rio tells you how long it takes by various forms of transport, the average estimated cost and even links you in to places to buy tickets if needs be. The desktop site is great and is actually one of those sites you could easily end up playing with for hours just to see how much it costs to go from your home to Ipanema beach etc. Give it a go…

The Rome2Rio app is available for iOS and Android.

4.Google Maps


Your smartphone probably has one of the best travel apps event invented installed on it as standard. Google Maps has pretty much changed the world of travel and it keeps getting better. Yes, Apple and Bing have both tried to catch up and there are benefits to all of the map apps. But Google… Well, they’re ahead of the game.

Find good restaurants near you, or hotels, check the state of traffic, navigate from point A to point G via point B with a quick stopoff in points C through F. It’s literally so good you probably take it for granted.

Didn’t know you could search for restaurants or  hotels? Open the app and go to Explore on the bottom navigation bar.

And one of the best things is you don’t even need a data connection to use Google Maps. Download an area for use offline and never get lost again. Well, don’t try and use it to navigate through the jungle maybe.

Available: You’ve probably already got it.

5. Momondo

pic: TommyOlssen

Skyscanner is great and many people swear by Kayak. But, I’m starting to think Momondo has the upper hand. It allows you to see at a glance when there is a cheaper flight available, so if you’re browsing for flights and you’re flexible you can often find the best deal at a glance. Yeah, all the flight booking apps and sites have this to a degree, but Momondo is very user friendly and has a nice black colour scheme to boot.

Available on iOS and Android.



One of the biggest names in the travel booking sector, Expedia is popular for a reason. You’ll find all kinds of accommodation from hotels to apartments to hostels. Plus, it has such a reach you will find a room even in the most obscure town like BumFluff, Peru (or something).

There is a lot of competition for the best hotel finding app, but Expedia hasn’t let me down yet!

Available for iOS for Android.

Got a favourite travel app that you think we should include here? We’re all ears and open to suggestion.

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