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Tips for Caring for a Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating on your car’s paint is an amazing layer of protection that will prevent all manner of mud, dirt and other contaminants from really being able to take hold as they would without the coating. However, there are too many who after they book a ceramic coating applicator in Perth, for instance, proceed to act like their car never needs any cleaning or care ever again while the coating is active.

Ceramic coating protects against many things, but it’s not a shield of invincibility, and the coat itself actually needs proper care, too. Here are some must-do’s for those who have gotten a ceramic coating on their car.

1. Steer Clear of Automated Car Washes

Automatic car washes with hard-bristle brushes and mop-type cloths are used in conjunction normally with high-pH soaps, all of which together create a very aggressive type of clean that is not good for your ceramic coating health. The ceramic coating is designed to be cleaned more softly and gently, and that’s pretty much the opposite of the efficiency-focused car wash.

If you’re not cleaning your car yourself, then use a detailer and tell them you have a ceramic coating and they will use a more appropriate method to clean and detail the car. The outside will most likely be relatively clean anyway, so detailers can focus more attention on the car’s interior after giving the exterior a basic wash.

2. Use Low-pH and Wax-Free Car Cleaning Products

If you’re not shelling out on a car detailer, and instead handling all the cleaning yourself, then maintain that philosophy of “gentle” cleaning by only using car shampoos and other cleaning products of a low pH level, and that don’t contain any added waxes or sealants. On top of that, use soft and clean microfiber towels when doing your drying, and avoid high-pressure water systems like pressure washers.

On the surface, it sounds like a lot of work, but the beauty of the ceramic coating is that it means this gentle wash cycle is actually all you need to get the car squeaky clean again. Washing the car is still necessary, but it’s a hell of a lot easier.

3. Be Consistent with Maintenance Sprays

Not every type of ceramic coating needs maintenance spray, so you should check with your applicator as to whether yours does. If so, then the applicator should also be able to recommend a suitable one, and they may well sell it in house. Whatever product you start using, the best rule to follow is to continue using that same product moving forward.

When applying your maintenance spray, remember not to do so in direct sunlight, and always to apply it right after washing and drying the vehicle. It’s easiest to put on using an applicator pad, but not essential.

4. Follow the Same Good Car Washing Guidelines as Ever

The job may get easier, and the cycle more gentle, but the same basic principles of good car washing still apply. For instance, washing the car in the shade where the surface of the car is still cool to the touch is essential. Properly drying the car after washing to prevent streaks is still required. Starting with the wheels, followed by the roof and then working your way down and around the car in sections is best, as is using at least two separate buckets, one of which is filled only with water. You get the idea.

5. Get an Inspection Each Year

Finally, your ceramic coating is a significant investment, so it’s also a recommended practice to take the car back to the applicator at least once a year to check that everything is still good with the coating.

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