What Not To Wear on a Cruise

what should you wear on a cruise

There are many different reasons to go on a cruise

For most of us, the main reason is to relax, unwind, and leave the daily hassles of our home life behind.

If this is your first cruise, once you start packing your bags, you might wonder what the right and the wrong way to dress while on your cruise. Your cruise clothing is essential; you shouldn’t skimp on. 

Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with our guide to what not to wear on a cruise below. 

Speedos/String Bikinis

Once you’ve determined the cost of a cruise you’ll be taking, refrain from spending any of your clothing budget on speedos and string bikinis. After all, there are dress codes on cruise ships, and these swimsuits border on being disrespectful to the guests on the cruise with you. Instead, try boardshorts for the men and cover-ups for the women. 

You’ll still be able to get your sun without violating the dress code of the ship and offending other passengers. 

Slippers, Robe, and Pajamas

While a cruise ship may feel like home, it’s not. There are other guests on the ship, and they don’t want to see you come to the restaurant for breakfast wearing your Pooh pajamas, bunny slippers, or just a robe. 

Of course, if you’re at the spa, a robe is okay, but other than that, leave the pajamas and other nightwear in your cabin where it belongs. 

Sleeveless Shirts and Flip-Flops in the Dining Area

When you’re around the pool, flip-flops and sleeveless shirts are acceptable. However, dress accordingly if you’re going to the restaurant for dinner or even a late lunch. Even though cruise ships are usually casual, there are dress codes to follow in the dining room and restaurant areas.

Besides, it feels good to dress up for a night at the restaurant after a day spent in the sun by the pool.

Uncomfortable Shoes

While this is pretty much a no-brainer, it bears mentioning. You shouldn’t wear uncomfortable shoes on a cruise. While there’s no rule against wearing uncomfortable shoes on a cruise, we all know you’ll regret it if you do. 

Try on any new shoes you get before you leave for your cruise, then walk around in them for at least 30 minutes to ensure they’ll be comfortable enough to wear.

By the same token, you don’t want to go barefoot on the cruise ship either. Always have flip-flops, sandals, or teeny shoes available, as you never know what can happen. 


There are actually several countries in the world where wearing camoflage clothing is illegal. Many of these are also popular cruise destinations… So, save yourself the hassle of falling foul of the local authorities and don’t pack any camoflage items in your cruise clothing suitcase.

Pack Your Cruise Clothing

Now that you have your vacation package and the clothing you want to take with you, you are set to enjoy your cruise. Your cruise clothing is appropriate, and you’re not going to go to dinner in your pajamas. 

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