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Bringing Luxury Ranch Interior Design Into Your Home

Research shows that 84% of people prefer to buy new furniture rather than second hand. Luxury ranch style is not about dusty old leather couches from the thrift store or having old cowboy hats and boots hanging from every wall. Ranch design is about making the most of nature’s materials in a way that is chic and stylish. The décor is functional but still decorative, with a hint of the wild west. You can bring ranch interior design into any sized home, and give your space a sense of the great outdoors. 

Dining in style

According to a survey published in The Atlantic, 53% of people eat their dinner at the dining table. It’s a central hub, and the place where you celebrate with friends and family. Imagine you are in a 3 bed ranch nestled in the Utah mountains overlooking the forest. Your dining area is somewhere you can spend time enjoying some delicious food and talking over the day. You can easily bring this feeling of ranch living into your home. Rocky Mountain Maple or Mountain Mahogany are the perfect woods for your ranch-style dining table at home. The natural grain of the wood will bring warmth into your dining space, and will last a lifetime. 

Fabric furnishings

Modern ranch style isn’t about floral or art-deco patterns. Instead, you should look for furnishings and fabrics that come in natural browns, grays and warm beige colors. A beautiful faux-fur blanket can bring warmth into your living space when draped over your couch. If you’re not looking at new furniture, you could always get your existing furniture reupholstered with natural, soft fabrics that are warm to the touch. Natural leather in a warm color is a good choice, and will always be timeless and classic. 

Natural flooring 

Luxury ranch style is the opposite of the industrial look. When you are changing the flooring in your home, think about what it will feel like underfoot. Cork is a good choice for a floor material: it will bring warmth into your home, and is extremely practical. Hardwood floors are another good option – bamboo or acacia are popular choices, as they are hardwearing, but with a natural grain that looks beautiful under soft lighting. Alternatively, you could go for a mountain stone, like slate, that is cool in the summer but warm in the winter months. 

You don’t need to live in a ranch to embrace luxury ranch style in your home. Look for natural fabrics and materials to enhance your living space, and bring the great outdoors inside. 

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