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Drive Away Boredom With These 8 Ideas

Does the ceiling fall on your head? The fact that the neighbour above you is constantly trampling around doesn’t help you to relax either? If you find yourself saying “I’m bored”, you might be wondering what to do to drive away boredom.

Boredom is a horrible feeling when you are alone. If it is then forced on you, it can gnaw on your nerves. And that quickly expresses itself in our mood. There are many relaxed and entertaining ways to enjoy your time alone. We will present these to you in the next 8 points.

1. Explore the area

With Covid around many of us are trying to avoid physical proximity to other people right now — but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a walk alone. Be a tourist in your area and see places you can walk or cycle to. There’s bound to be a park, a piece of nature or a neighbourhood that you haven’t visited yet.

2. Revive old friendships

There are bound to be one or two people in your life who make you wonder how they are doing and what they are up to. Just ask her! Maybe you’re still connected on social platforms or still have numbers from each other. Write to an old friend or set up a phone call. It will lift your spirits and maybe it will become a regular ritual – and soon you will be able to see each other in person.

3. Complete tasks that you otherwise procrastinate

For some, boredom feels like being trapped in a cage. The great thing is that we have the opportunity to make this cage beautiful for ourselves. Maybe you feel like rearranging your home furniture — swapping the couch for the bed? Or could the windows use cleaning again? It will probably take some effort at first but look forward to the feeling that you will have afterwards. Because then your head is not only a little emptier, you also have the feeling that you have done something meaningful.

4. Begin or deepen your meditation practice

For some, it may sound strange at first: ​“Why should I meditate when I’m bored? I only meditate when I need rest.” But boredom can also be stressful. Because it gets you into your head and it may be that your thoughts go in circles. Perhaps the crisis will also give rise to new worries and fears. Meditation gives you new ideas. You get away from the feeling of being locked in and into your body. You’ll find that you’re much more relaxed afterwards and probably less worried. 

5. Plan something nice for the future

It’s nice to have something to look forward to in the future. So create something that gives you that feeling. Maybe this is the opportunity to plan your New Year’s Eve with friends, to collect ideas for a family trip or to imagine next year’s vacation! Even if things are still in the distant future – planning and looking forward to it can sweeten your time now.

6. Learn something new

The Internet is known to most as a work or entertainment platform. You can also use the internet to learn all sorts of things. Why not take an online art class or even a personality test and before you say they are all fake, find a real one like the difficult person test. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

7. Joint ventures – from afar

Physical distance puts a strain on a friendship, and it takes extra work to keep them strong. However, there are more ways than WhatsApp messages or regular phone calls to keep relationships alive. Is there a series that has new episodes coming out weekly? Make an appointment with friends to watch TV together. Or set up a virtual book club, meet to play cards online and have coffee.

8. Do exercise at home

Is your yoga studio closed? No problem. Apps like Down Dog offer online yoga classes for free. Simply roll out the yoga mat, set what level you are, how long you want to do yoga and off you go. You can also search for other sports and fitness apps or try home workouts from YouTube. Because exercise reduces stress and your body doesn’t rust despite sitting at home a lot. You must try Bhunamanasana at home as Bhunamanasana benefits are vast for our body fitness. 


Boredom is a state of mind and there is so much you can do to avoid it. It just takes a bit of lateral thinking, or even enjoying the silence. So next time you’re trying to work out how to avoid boredom, try one of these tips.

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