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Effects of Smoking on the Body

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Smoking as we all know is an addiction and this habit can cause damaging effects on the body. All other causes that can cause you to die to have ‘smoking’ at the top of the list. The smoke of the cigarette is very damaging and affects different organs in the body. Smoking also adds to the effects of other diseases that might already be making you suffer. 

According to the best lungs specialist, smoking cigarettes impact the circulatory system, reproductive system, respiratory system, and very delicate organs like skin and eyes.  A lot of cancers are also linked with smoking. Cigarettes have acrolein present in them and this chemical causes damage to the lungs and cause sore throat. 

Another chemical present in cigarettes is known as bronchodilators, these can open the airways to the lungs and this then can cause a number of other toxic chemicals to absorb in the lungs. All of the effects that smoking can leave on other functions of the body are explained below. Let’s have a closer look:

Effects on the Respiratory System 

The effects of smoking on the respiratory system seen include, 

  • The airways of the lungs are narrowed down by smoking and can be seen causing reduction and interruption in lung function. Smoking causes swelling in the airways and that then causes breathlessness even while performing simple functions. 
  • The voice box and the windpipe are also affected greatly due to the irritation that is caused by smoking. 
  • Smoking causes infection so quickly that it makes one cough and wheeze pretty bad. 

Effects on the Sexual Organs

There are a number of effects that can be observed while smoking tobacco on the sexual organs in males and females. The increased risk can cause,

  • Lower sperm count
  • Damaged sperm (genetic)
  • Harms Blood Vessels of the penis 
  • Fluctuates the blood flow

Effects on the Circulatory System

The circulatory system can be affected by tobacco smoke. This can cause,

  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Blood gets stickier which is more prone to clotting
  • Blood flow is reduced and lowered
  • Less oxygen is then carried out by the blood
  • The skin temperature is lowered because the blood vessels get tight
  • The lining of the arteries is damaged when ends up in the building of fat deposits on the walls of arteries
  • The risk of heart attack and stroke is blocked due to blockage in the supply of blood. 

Effects on the babies

The effect of the mother smoking while a  baby is in the womb include,

  • The baby can be born with weak lungs
  • There is a huge risk of cleft palate and lip
  • The risk of miscarriages increases and premature births occur
  • Babies are usually born with low birth weight which can also further impact the development of the baby
  • The risk of ADHD can increase
  • Risks of stillbirth

Effects on Immune System

The effects of smoking tobacco on the immune system can be very drastic. These include, 

  • Severe and long-lasting diseases
  • Sensitivity towards infectious diseases such as influenza and pneumonia
  • Low levels of antioxidants like vitamin C in the blood

Effects on overall health 

A person who is a smoker and smokes cigarettes throughout life can be at greater risk of catching a number of life-threatening diseases and conditions. These can include, 

  • Ulcers in the stomach
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Lung diseases like bronchitis and pulmonary diseases
  • Mouth cancer, larynx cancer, tongue cancer, bowel and stomach cancer risk is increased
  • Weaker bones cause osteoporosis and fractures in the hip 
  • Stroke and heart diseases
  • Leukemia and bone marrow cancer

Steps to Stay Away from Smoking

If you want to save your body from the deadly effects of smoking it is very important to take certain steps to control the urge so that you can save other organs of the body. Make sure that you think positively, which means that you should never stop trying how hard it may get to stay away from cigarettes. 

A very simple way to change your after-meal smoking routine is to engage yourself in the dishes right after you have your food. This way the urge to smoke after every meal can be controlled successfully. 


Smoking is one of the most damaging habits that can affect the lungs and other parts of the body pretty badly. The effects can lead to a number of serious health conditions that can change the course of life completely. Try and avoid smoking if you want to save all the organs and the functions that they perform. Not only you, but smoking can also impact the baby that is yet to be born. Avoid passive smoking in order to keep the baby in the womb safe. 

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