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Top 10 Jobs For Lazy People Like You

Need money? But lazy? There are some good jobs for lazy people out there

Some people work hard, and some people work smart. And then, there are the people who work lazy.

They are the ones who take advantage of their natural abilities and do the least amount of work possible to get the job done.

As Bill Gates once said, ” I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because he will find an easy way to do it.” But, don’t worry, we’re not going to talk about any complex jobs over here.

In fact, we’re going to discuss ten jobs for lazy people that would include naps, iced beverages, and many lunch breaks. So, let’s get started!

1. Dog Walker

The best part of the job is simply to spend time with dogs all day. If this is something you enjoy, that’s a green flag.

And you could earn an average of $14 per hour. If you somehow are able to walk 192 dogs for an hour each month, you may end up making $32K. But yes, that’s all theoretically. 

However, you can still expect 30 dogs and that would still be equal to $420 per month. Isn’t it one of the greatest jobs for lazy people?

2. Professional Cuddler

A website known as Cuddle comfort exists just to connect you with clients who need some cuddling. One of the laziest jobs to do is to sit in a movie theatre or bedroom and cuddle someone.

These clients might just be looking for an emotional partner to listen to or they simply crave to be around someone whenever they feel lonely. 

Cuddlers can do multiple cuddling sessions per day, making around $40 to $80 per hour.

Cuddlers and clients may watch a movie, listen to music, drink hot chocolate, or just talk. What cuddlers do is companionship without the ties of a complicated relationship.

To become a good cuddler, you need to be a good and compassionate person.

3. Movie Extras 

Movie extras simply need to be in the background of a movie when shooting.

You could pretend to be in the conversation or lie down during a shooting or walk around the crowd.

Being a movie extra doesn’t require a lot of physical activity.

And with the fact that there are lots of movies that require shooting, there is always a need for movie extras.

The average pay of a movie extra depends on some conditions like the budget of the movie.

On average, they get around $13 per hour.

Extras work for at least eight hours, but as many as 12-16 hours on any given day of a shoot.

But being in a movie background doesn’t require a lot of physical activity. And guess what? There are lots of breaks between sets.

4. Professional Foreigner

Do you think sitting at meetings and putting up a suit is what you like? Well then it looks like you can get good money in China.

There is a level of esteem attached to foreigners in places like China. They’re willing to pay foreigners just to get involved in a business meeting and say nothing.

This is a one of the most suitable jobs for lazy people because all you need to do is be confident and shake hands firmly.

Sometimes you might be needed to close a real estate deal or to appear in a grand event opening.

Professional foreigners could earn up to $1000 a week for just wearing a suit, shaking hands, and cutting a ribbon.

Just like Americans always need to find an Asian when they need a kung fu sidekick or villain for some hero, Chinese people find a white man or woman and they sometimes call them a quality control expert.

Oh, and don’t forget to get a good tailored suit first!

5. Receptionist

To be a receptionist, you simply need a high school degree, a professional appearance, and some customer service skills.

On an average, a receptionist earns $14 per hour with the top level going up to $38,000 per year.

As a receptionist, you don’t have to do much. Except for cases of an emergency where you could face some level of stress. But overall, this could be a perfect lazy job.

Although this might not be one of the easiest jobs for lazy people, it pays well compartively.

 “Choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

Bill gates

6. Binge Watcher

Here comes one of the most entertaining jobs for lazy people.

When you browse Netflix, there are always some recommended videos on the website. Netflix algorithm uses videos binge-watchers go through and tag to determine a movie’s category.

And these binge-watchers are hired by Netflix and some other entertainment companies.

This job qualifies as an easy job because you have to do nothing other than sit down in your bedroom and watch as many movies as you can.

Sounds interesting right?

Of course, you might be bored of watching movies all day but you have the freedom of taking some breaks.

This is a perfect job for a lazy person who is passionate about the entertainment industry.

And although this is a limited vacancy kind of job, you can earn as much as $14 per hour if you’re lucky enough to get one. 

7. Video Game Tester

Although a gaming experience is required or might be required, testing video games is a 100% lazy job.

Most times all you need to do is play and check if game levels can be surpassed and give opinions back to the programmers.

Being a videogamer and a tester are two different jobs that might sound the same.

A video gamer might have to work harder as he or she is an entrepreneur but a videogame tester is employed to test out video games.

You simply need to sit on the bed all day with a gamepad in your hand and drift through the levels of a video game.

And of course, you could take breaks now and then.

Video game testers earn around $10 per hour on average and those with experience in gaming could end up to $18 per hour.

8. Translator

A Translator is hired to translate texts received online into a different language.

If you have some great translation software or you speak different languages you could be in your PJs all day and simply translate text on your computer.

This is regarded as a job for lazy people because it doesn’t require much physical activity and it requires very little brain power.

Translators are highly sought after both virtually and physically and getting a gig won’t be much of a problem.

Being a translator requires some level of fluency in both languages and accurate editing skills, this is also one of the highest paying lazy jobs.

You can earn on average $28 per hour as a translator.

This pay might vary depending on if you translate on the computer virtually or if you do a one-on-one translation.

9. Online Shopper

Some retailers or individuals don’t have time to go through products online and make a purchase. 

In this case, you can be employed to do such a lazy job for them.

Get yourself some pyjamas and start scraping the web with softwares or manually look for the best online deals.

A client might be in need of a particular product that’s scarce online. You need to research different stores to find the product and also have to receive the product yourself.

When processing an order, you may gather groceries from the store, select alternate products when the preferred one is unavailable, check packages for allergen warnings that may affect your client, and prepare orders for pickup by drivers. 

Depending on your client’s needs, you could earn up to $15 per hour as an online shopper.

Many online shoppers also provide in-store shopping.

10. Breath Odour Evaluators

Breath odour evaluators work with companies that make mouthwash, toothpaste, and other dental hygiene products.

They test the products to make sure they reduce bad breath. 

This job involves tasting breath samples and determining whether or not they smell bad.

It is an excellent job for someone who doesn’t want to interact with people all day or stand up for long periods.

Freelancers usually take these jobs, but it’s also available for the people who want to work full-time. 

The annual salary for full-time work can go up to $64K. 

Work for lazy people

So as you see, although we all need to work, there are plenty of choices of jobs that don’t require much in the way of skills of effort.

And there are also plenty of other jobs that pay well but aren’t very difficult.

Any other suggestions or comments? Let us know down below….

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