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The 10 Must Visit Places in Thailand

It’s one of the world’s most visited countries for a reason: Thailand is spectacular. There are so many incredible places to visit that it can be hard knowing where to start.

If you’re heading to Thailand for a week, a month or indefinitely, you’re going to find it hard to choose where to go. Everyone has a secret spot they’ve found, an island that is their idea of heaven and a city where the party is unlike anywhere else.

Some of you Global Playboy’s might find that you’ll be drawn to sex tourism hot spots like Pattaya. But there are plenty of incredible places where you can head to and meet the local ladies too… Honestly. You can skip Pattaya.

And you Playgirls often find the Thai guys as much a tempting proposition as anyone. So be prepared for that too, ladies!

Whatever your plan for visiting Thailand, these are some of the 10 best spots we’ve found out there in the Land of Smiles!

Koh Phangan

Yes, the full moon island is still an incredible place to visit even if you’re not just coming for one of the many beach parties. Had Rin beach does see a party most nights, but full moon is when shit kicks off in maximum neon face paint style. If you’re looking for an incredible party experience, Koh Phangan is up there.

Away from Had Rin beach there are plenty of secluded resorts and beaches that the tourist masses never bother to get to. Honestly, try the north or west side of the island see what you can find.

Koh Phangan is actually quite big too, with a hilly jungle interior. Some of the best things to do in Koh Phangan include treks to waterfalls and hidden beaches. You’ll find plenty of options for tours, or just grab a map and a moped and see where you end up.

Khao Sok

Image by Ana Jimenez from Pixabay

Apparently it’s the oldest everygreen rainforest in the world, and it is certainly very steamy. A trip to Khao Sok is perfect for jungle treks, elephant rides and lazing in a rubber ring on a river with an ice cold Chang in hand.

Chiang Mai

Image by Faris Ben Saad from Pixabay

If you’re doing any kind of tour of Thailand you’re going to end up here ‘cos everyone does. But theres a good reason for that. It’s a compact and walkable city with a cool old town in the centre. It’s less hectic than BKK, full of friendly chicas and its the sort of place you want to hang around for a while.

Oh it gets polluted AF though – avoid the burning season which is around Feb to April. Most digital nomads make a break for the sea (or somewhere else) around then.


So people often say that Phuket is ruined, or it’s too touristy or too many resorts or whatever. But actually, the island peninsula of Phuket is big enough that you can find your own little cabin and slice of paradise and never see another farang! Well… Not see one for a day or so anyway.

Seriously though, Phuket is beautiful and there is still so much of it that’s absolutely worth exploring on your bike. Mai Khao beach is a top spot to get away from the crowds…

Koh Libong

Image by Alek Auddy from Pixabay

Its right down the bottom in Trang province, on your way to Malaysia. Very few people make it here on their banana pancake tour (as they used to call the Thai trail) so if you’re looking for beautiful and under visited, this is your island. Its a bit of a ride on the boat from Trang, but totally worth it.

Prachaup Kiri Khan

Another town which is kinda under used on the tourist trail. These days you do see a few farang in the night market or cycling to the beach, but if you’re looking to break up the ride between Bangkok and the south this is a great stop off.

The views from the temple in town are awesome. Well worth braving he monkey onslaught!


Image by Eric Blandin from Pixabay

The town is really just a stop off on your way to Phi Phi, but its still pretty cool. The rock formations are amazing around here and if you have a bit of climbing skill then you probably already know about Krabi. Climb the hill to the temple then head to the islands on the ferry… Railay is the place to go, although all the tourists know about it now!

Ao Nang

Still in Krabi, this stunning beach goes on for miles and is an easy place to waste a few weeks. Its easy to get to Railay from here too, its just a quick ferry ride. You could go to Phi Phi from here too but take my advice; don’t. Althoigh Ao Nang is a bit ruined by developments, I kinda like it’s tourist charm and it’s still not as trashed as Phi Phi. Sorry Phi Phi.


Image by Mike Mike from Pixabay

I know people hate BKK and try and get in and out of it as fast as possible. But I’ve had some of the best nights of my life in this city so it gets a certain level of respect from me. Go to RCA and meet a ton of friendly Thais. Party on Khao San Road any time of day or night… Shop til you drop in Siam Paragon, MBK or the Chatuchak night market. Get sleazy as fuck, or classy as you want in the one of the Sky Bars. Honestly. Get stuck into this city and thank me later.


Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay 

Yeah I know this has a real bad rep as a sleazy city full of sex tourists, but this is a playboys website after all. I’ll be honest and this isn’t my fave place in Thailand, but it’s definitely something you need to experience. Especially as a single guy. My advice, keep your wallet close and don’t go buying all the girls drinks, unless you’re prepared to shell out B250-500 for a mango juice.

Its an experience my playboy friend. Suck it and see!

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