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The Man’s Guide To Dressing Sexy

OK, so for girls to dress sexy it’s easy – go tight, skimpy or flash some flesh. But how about if you’re a man? What does a man wear to look sexy for a woman, perhaps to attract more women, or just to impress his better half?

Truth be told, it isn’t that simple and it will likely depend on a variety of things. But there are some general guidelines to help men look good out there, and boost your chances of turning heads.

Although this list details some common methods of dressing in a stylish manner as a guy, the truth is your style is your style. This is just a guideline, not a definitive how-to.

1. Good grooming

Yes, this isn’t dressing up – we know. But appearances are everything. And when it comes to dressing sexy as a man, you need to set the tone with your general appearance.

Here’s how:

  • Shave – if that’s what your style is
  • Or trim your beard. Beards are good, but they need to be well maintained. Use oils and comb that beard…
  • Style your hair. But keep it simple, you don’t need to spend more time on your hair than she does
  • Use moisturiser – good skin is sexy
  • Trim your fingernails. Long fingernails are NOT a good look. And a manicure is a good idea too.
  • Wash. Being clean is ESSENTIAL – you might be a chiseled adonis, but you smell like a miners armpit, you’re not gonna get far. And don’t think you can hide those bad smells with manfume… Get in the shower bro!

OK, with that out of the way, let’s move onto your outfit.

2. Casual shirt and blazer combo

Think ‘a day at the races’. Or, dinner with a movie star. You don’t want to look like you’re turning up to a business meeting, so you should pair your casual shirt and blazer jacket with casual trousers too. Chinos are a good look, or even jeans.

If you’re looking for an effective way to dress sexy as a man, this is an easy option.

Keep your shirt simple, such as a solid colour, or one with a very muted pattern. No crazy patterns here!

Oh and don’t button up the blazer.

3. Get good shoes

Wearing a pair of old Vans on a date? Or turning up to the club in an old pair of Air Max? Nah mate…

Invest in a good pair of stylish casual shoes such as brogues, or plain white or brown sneakers. Skip the street styling for when you’re hanging with the guys.

4. Iron your clothes

Whatever you’re wearing, iron it! Creases say lazy, slobby, slovenly. You want to look like you give a shit about your appearance… That’s what is sexy here.

Nothing says sexy man, to a woman, more than a bit of maintenance.

5. Buy a leather jacket

Leather jackets are one of those items of clothing that are effortlessly cool and sexy. If you’re looking for a mens sexy outfit to impress girls, or look cool, you should have at least one leather jacket in your collection. They’re also versatile, waterproof and durable too…

Another good thing about a leather jacket is that it is normally long lasting, and they look better the more you wear them.

Check out G-Eazy for an example of a cool and sexy male look while keeping it minimal.

6. Simple colours

Whatever the outfit, the way to look cool and sexy as a man is to keep those colours simple. Pair black or blue jeans with a white or grey t-shirt, or a simple patterned shirt.

Avoid going for anything that will make someone’s eyes bleed.

7. No-logo is sexier than logo

Yeah, so that jacket with the HUGE BRAND LOGO on the back might look cool on your favourite rapper. But you’re not a rapper (OK, maybe you are, but if you’re not well known maybe play it down).

There is a time and a place for wearing branding and logos, but if you’re a man dressing sexy, then it’s not really a good fit.

If you must showcase your choice of branding, keep it minimal and simple.

8. Thick wool jumper

A sexy outfit for guys in the winter or colder months? What say’s ‘hug me’ more than a quality wool jumper. A simple fishermans style wool pullover is perfect – and make sure it is wool.

As a natural material wool is durable and long lasting, oh and it doesn’t get smelly like acrylic does.

9. Beige/tan boots

A pair of simple tan boots are a great addition to any casual outfit. If you’re looking for sexy shoes for a man, get a pair of these in your wardrobe.

If you’re not a boots guy, there are lots of options for cool stylish shoes.

10. A fitted t-shirt

OK, yeah you need to be in shape to pull this one off. That means no gut and some well sculpted arms. But a t-shirt that clings to your muscles is gonna be a serious head turner.

Go for a round neck too… V-neck just ain’t as sexy.

11. Boxer briefs

Tight boxer briefs are the best option for your sexy outfit. Nice and simple.

12. Sunglasses/glasses

Finding your style of sunglasses or specs is tricky. It depends on your overall style or face shape – but in general for sunglasses, wayfarers and aviators suit everyone.

Check out our sunglasses style guide for more info about choosing eye-wear.

Bottom line

So that’s our best suggestions for sexy outfits for a man. To put it simply:

  • Take care of your grooming
  • Avoid too much ‘street styling’
  • Keep colours and logos minimalist and simple
  • Flaunt your best assets

Got any tips for your own methods to dress sexy as a guy? Let us know in the comments below…

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