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8 Birthday Gifts That Your Wife Or Girlfriend Will LOVE

your wife or girlfriend will love these gift ideas

The date is approaching, and you still don’t know what present to get your wife or girlfriend? We’ve all been there, but there is still time to find the perfect gift.

While the idea of a perfect gift varies widely from person to person (more so when said person is a woman), there are some things you cannot go wrong with.

Be it for Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries, these gifts for your wife or girlfriend will never fail to woo your significant other. 

1. Flowers!

The idea of giving your S/O a bouquet from the local florist might seem unoriginal and cheap at first – everyone does that! Right?

Except, they don’t.

Gone are the days of every incurable romantic resorting to a bouquet of roses to express love to their partners, and that just makes the whole giving-your-lover-flowers thing more unique.

Any occasion is appropriate for gifting flowers because they provide the perfect way to brighten your partner’s day. Modern men, however, are quick to think that the costlier a gift is, the more sentimental value it holds – that is just not true (except in some cases, ahem).

So why not try something natural for a change?

Anyone who has ever received flowers will tell you that there’s something touching about getting them. Especially if they have been tailored to suit your favourite bloom, colour or emotion, they show someone has taken the time to think of you. They’re inexpensive and convenient, yes, so what?

Like the Joker said, “It’s not about the money… it’s about sending a message.” 

Bonus points if you handpick the flowers from someone’s garden and decide to not support the local florist guy. Ladies dig that. 

2. Photo albums, just the two of you

Photo albums have two jobs. They help us both reminisce and to celebrate. They act as a reservoir of happy memories of special occasions – anniversaries, festivals, once in a lifetime holidays, you name it!

A custom photo book is one of the best gifts to give your girlfriend. It’s an opportunity to put all of your favorite memories together in one place so they’re easily accessible whenever she feels like a trip down memory lane.

Create a photo album celebrating the ultimate best friend you can have – your loving partner. Because you both share your lives, complete each other’s sentences, and have so much history to cherish, a couple’s photo album is the perfect way to celebrate your love and show your S/O how much you adore them.

You don’t even need to have a special occasion or reason to give them a gorgeous handcrafted photo album that is filled with fun fond memories. 

3. Concert tickets

Is your girlfriend / wife a die-hard Kodaline fan? Why not take her to one of their concerts the next time they’re performing?

Concert tickets make for great gifts, just saying. 

They are an experience that can leave lasting memories. Concert tickets are one of the best surprises on any occasion for people who love music. However, it’s important that you consider all of your options and determine what fits your budget.

4. Theatre tickets

Who doesn’t love a big night out? And a trip to see a musical or theatre show is an excellent gift for you wife or girlfriend.

The opportunity to get dressed up, head out for a great meal and enjoy the spectacle shows that you’re thinking of something more special than just a trinket you picked up online.

Even if you don’t live anywhere near Broadway or the West End of London, booking a trip to a city near you where you can enjoy a theatre show makes the trip even more spectacular.

5. Jewelry

Many consider jewelry to be the best gift you can give your lover and for good reason. 

It is a very significant gift. If you have ever received a piece of jewelry before, you probably still remember who gave you that piece and everything about how you received it. This includes where you received it, what was happening, even what was said. This shows that Jewelry gifts should not to be taken for granted.  

Giving someone a jewelry gift is a meaningful gesture and could set the tone for what kind of relationship you have or want to have with a person. These little gifts are priceless and are also capsules of little memories and moments with someone and these memories are not easily forgotten. 

Jewelry is valuable in the sense that it appreciates in value unlike some other gifts that lose value with time. Therefore, you should see the purchase of this jewelry as an investment rather than a mere purchase.

The longer the jewelry lasts the longer you are able to keep the thoughts and memories attached to them. Good quality jewelry is carried throughout a lifetime. So in the long run you have not wasted money instead you have made an investment.

Plus, your girl will adore you for it.

6. Care packages 

In the digital age, finding a long-distance significant other is easier than ever. But, maintaining that relationship can be just as hard as it always has been. A great way to keep the romance and the closeness alive is creating care packages. If your girlfriend is too far to visit every weekend, or too far for a surprise visit in the middle of the week, a care package can be just the thing to make her day.

Care packages aren’t just for people in long distance relationships, either. Care packages are perfect for anyone who wants to show their significant other a little extra love during a tough time, like peak season at work or exam season during school. Making a care package is easy, and it’ll make your girlfriend’s week. 

Here are some things you can include:

  • Her favorite candy or snack food. She’ll be able to have one of her favorite comfort snacks while knowing that you’re the one who gave it to her.
  • A handwritten letter. While it may seem easier to type a letter in with the care package, including a handwritten letter will show more thought and effort. Plus, it’s much more romantic.
  • Mixed CD of songs that remind you of her, or romantic songs that she can listen to and think of you.

7. A spa day

What woman doesn’t want to be pampered? And what can be more pampering than getting a full massage, facial, pedicure and luxurious soak in a jacuzzi or sauna.

Giving your better half the time to unwind and indulge is surely one of the best gifts, especially for a big event like an anniversary or birthday. Especially in our always-on/high stress digital world. So this really can be the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend if they really need some time to relax.

Chances are there is a spa or treatment centre near you, and they probably offer a whole host of packages.

Some options to look for are massage centres, country retreats or spas, beauty packages – which often include facials, pedicures and foot massages, or even a home visit from a masseur.

If you’re looking for spa days or treatments, check out LastMinute for some epic deals.

But, for the love of God, don’t book her in for a Brazilian bikini wax without consulting her first!

8. A romantic getaway

If you want to get in on all that relaxation, why not plan a romantic getaway as a gift for you both on your anniversary (or for her birthday). This is also a great way to make time to reconnect if you’ve both been busy and caught up with the humdrum real world of ‘adulting’.

It doesn’t have to be a full blown week in Ibiza, or road trip around California (I mean, also, why not…?). But something closer to home, like a few days on a romantic staycation.

Picking a small town or rural area where you can just watch the sunset and enjoy each others company for a few days can be the most special gift.

Check out some great last minute city breaks, or cosy cottages to inspire you.

To summarise

To buy a gift that your wife or girlfriend will love, not just shrug off as ‘meh’, take a few of these steps.

  • Is it personal to her? Not just a generic gift such as chocolate or wine
  • Has she said that she particularly wants, needs or would like something in particular? Pay attention to what your better half is saying (you do that anyway, right?) and chances are she’ll give you tons of ideas for gifts to get her
  • Don’t go for the cheapest option – quality shows!
  • A gift doesn’t have to be ‘a thing’ – think outside the box

Godspeed, brother! 😉

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