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Great Date Ideas In The North Carolina Triangle Area

Living in the North Carolina Triangle Area is a blessing for so many people. The opportunities to grow your career and interests are countless. Dating in the area can be quite a lot of fun with so many potential dates to go on.

The beauty of living in Raleigh is that it is a bustling city and only a few hours away from both the beach and mountains. North Carolina has so much to offer to the residents and visitors there. Planning a great date will just take a bit

The following are great date ideas if you live in or are visiting the Triangle Area in North Carolina. Or if you’re on a road trip of the US East coast, you’ll find some great ideas here too.

Try One Of The Many Great Restaurants

The Triangle Area is so diverse that it comes with a variety of dining options. The food in Raleigh can be immensely delicious as well as affordable. Picking the right place can lead to a perfect date night that you both will enjoy. You can even find a seafood restaurant in Raleigh with fresh ingredients. This is a rarity as Raleigh is a few hours from the coast where the ingredients are sourced.

Head To A Local Brewery

Going to a brewery can be a great date that you can take with a significant other or a group of friends. The breweries in the area of high quality and some have incredible food options. Finding a great new brewery can give you something to do a few times a month. Crank Arm Brewing Company and Trophy Brewing and Taproom are two great options.  A brewery that is in Chapel Hill is Top Of The Hill which is also one of the best restaurants in the Triangle.

If you want to relive a bit of your glory days, you can always head out to downtown Raleigh or Chapel Hill. Franklin Street in Chapel Hill has so much energy on certain nights. There are even bars for grad students and those that are a bit older.

Go To See Live Music Or A Concert

The live music scene in Raleigh is very healthy with some Triangle establishments having a wealth of talent performing on their stages. Making a night out of this can be a blast which can include dinner or drinks after the show. Take the time to do research on who is coming to town as it seems like every big name makes an appearance in Raleigh from time to time.

Go To One Of The Many Sporting Events In The Area

The North Carolina Triangle is known for college and professional sports. There are so many professional athletes that have attended college at one of the local institutions. Go see the Carolina Hurricanes or head to a baseball game in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, or Durham. Sporting events can be a blast if you are with those that are enthusiastic about the sports.

The options are endless in the Triangle when it comes to picking a great date. Winging it is even possible with all that goes on in the area.

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