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5 Health Tips for Cold Weather

Cold weather and falling temperatures can have a huge impact on your entire body, as you get older. From common colds to aches and pains, heart and blood pressure problems and even your nervous system, if you already suffer from any existing conditions then it’s worth considering that they could deteriorate during the winter months. However, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the best time of year with family and friends.

All it requires is a bit more careful planning and consideration when undertaking any strenuous activity or serious indulging over the Christmas period. Read on to discover our simple health tips for cold weather and how to stay happy and healthy…

Visit a specialist

If you already suffer from any circulatory or heart-related conditions, then you should book in to see your specialist as the weather gets colder. Cold weather can narrow the arteries, placing your heart under even more pressure, as it has to pump even harder to get oxygen around your body. When you are out and about, make sure that you dress in layers to stay warm during any activities. As you heat up, you can take some clothing off to avoid sweating – and a chill if you aren’t careful. Don’t risk it during any serious cold spells, and make sure that you stay inside in the warm. 

Breathing in cold air can also cause sharp, stabbing chest pains in some people. If this happens to you, make sure that you use a scarf or a thick sweater to protect your chest and avoid spending long periods outside. If you think that something isn’t quite right, or are suffering from any pains that won’t go away, then book in to see your specialist as soon as possible – as this could be a sign of a more serious condition.

Healthy body and mind

The winter can wreak havoc on a healthy body and mind, so both must be in top condition if you want to keep in the best possible shape this year. First, book in to see your local health professional or doctor have an overall checkup. It may also be time to book in for a sexual health check-up too, if you haven’t had an exam during the past six months or more, or have changed partners. Companies such as Canadian Pharmacy King offer a full range of medication, so if you need to buy extra medication, see more here. 

Next, make sure that you give your mental health some attention too. It can be easy to overdo it during the winter season, with the stresses and strains of family visits, hours waiting in line and extra traffic on the roads. Consider taking up Yoga or Pilates to help you relax, disconnect and unwind. There is a great range of mindfulness apps that you can access and download, providing you with exercises and tricks to take a few minutes of much-needed me time.

Keep an eye on the calories

The cold weather and meals with family and friends can see you making unhealthy meal choices and consuming more calories than you might usually do during the warmer months. Not to mention, a lack of physical activity and time out and about can see you gain a few kilos around your waistline that could be difficult to shift. Try to make healthier food choices when you are indulging over the festive period. Choose fruits and vegetables instead of comfort food, such as cheese, cookies and chocolate. Make sure that you keep alcohol consumption to a minimum too, as this is an easy way to take on empty calories. You can still enjoy yourself during the cold weather but make sure that you do so in moderation. Or else you could spend the next few months trying to lose any weight that you gained.

Protect your skin

Winter temperatures can wreak havoc on delicate skin, seeing eczema and rashes flare-up. So if you have sensitive skin, then now’s the time to give it some extra attention and protection. Don’t forget to use sunscreen to protect your skin while out and about, as you can skill suffer skin damage when playing in the snow. Make sure that you exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise to get rid of any dead skin cells and ensure that your skin is glowing in time for the party season. Be sure to drink lots of water to make sure that your complexion looks radiant and keeps hydrated. 

Get a flu shot

If you haven’t already considered it, then make sure that you discuss getting a flu shot when you visit your doctor for a check-up. Even if you don’t normally get ill, getting a shot will be of benefit for your entire family – as you reduce the chances of younger and weaker family members getting sick. Keep your immune system boosted by consuming lots of citrus fruits and a diet rich in leafy greens. You should also wash your hands regularly to prevent germs from spreading. Make sure that you keep your hygiene at better levels than normal if you want to ensure that you don’t get ill this year. 

You must give your health some attention this festive season if you want to ensure that you don’t get sick this 2017. First, make sure that you book in for a health check-up to ensure that your sexual and mental health is in tip-top condition. Next, make sure that you make positive diet and lifestyle choices to keep active and ensure that you don’t gain any pesky kilos over the Christmas holidays.

Finally, take time to protect your skin and any conditions that you may already suffer from – as the colder weather could make them worse. Try not to overdo it during the colder months as you could risk falling ill and spoiling one of the most magical times of the year. So if you want to keep happy and healthy during the winter months, you must keep your health at the forefront of your mind.

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