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Look Awesome With Our Instagram Photography Tips For Guys

Check out our Instagram photo tips for guys

We get it, you’re a guy and you don’t know just how to look half decent for your Instagram photos. You don’t know how to pose or get rid of that awkward smile – just about anything when it comes to clicking presentable pictures of yourself.

Fret not, for we have compiled a list of essential Instagram photography tips that’ll come in handy for your next bomb Instagram post. 

Lights, please!

Good lighting is the most important thing for any photo. Without good lighting, your shots will be blurry, details will be lost, and you’ll look like crap in general. You may have noticed that many posts by popular influencers are shot outside: nothing beats natural light (full daylight is ~1000 times brighter than a typical lamp).

If you’re indoors, however, there is a different set of factors that needs consideration. Make sure you’re not back lit. Light should be coming from an angle in front of you or above you. If you’re having trouble getting good light indoors, open every shade and turn on all the lights. 

If that doesn’t seem to be working either, then turn to the on-camera flash as a last resort. It gives a lot of light at the cost of flattening everything out. Also, flash + mirror = glare, so unless you’re going for that aesthetic, it can be quite annoying. 

Also, clean your camera lens. If you’re using your bathroom mirror, clean that too. A good camera/lens helps a lot, but not as much as good light. A shot taken outdoors with good natural lighting in the golden hour with a point and shoot will look much better than one taken inside with a DSLR using the on-camera flash.

Want to get a great picture for your dating profile? Consider investing in a selfie lighting kit.

Fit check

While choosing complementary outfits play a crucial role in making you look attractive, what matters more is how you present yourself and give people a clear, accurate view of how the clothes look on you.

And that, my friend, is where these following Instagram photography tips will clutch up your game. 

  • Stand in a straight, natural pose facing the camera. Don’t suck in your stomach or pull your shoulders back. If possible, include additional pictures from the side and back to flex those profiles. 
  • Keep your hands out of your pockets! Leave them both relaxed at your sides (or one if the other hand is holding the camera).
  • Make sure to show the whole outfit including shoes, unless you’re only interested in a shirt/jacket. If it’s a suit or jacket, wear it with a dress shirt and shoes. Also button it. Leave the bottom button undone on a two or three button suit.
  • Ideally, use a camera with a timer/remote instead of a mirror (there are apps for most phones that can set a delay and number of pics to take, such as Photo Timer for the iPhone).
  • People aren’t used to seeing outfits from waist level. Position the camera at least chest high, preferably neck high. Your proportions will look odd if the camera is too low.
  • If we’ve failed to emphasize the importance of lighting, it is doubly important if your clothes are dark.

Now that we’ve discussed the do’s, let us head on to the don’ts:

Don’t post a picture that needs to be rotated 90 degrees for god’s sake. That’s pretty much it. 

Other general rules of thumb

  • Try different poses. It’s okay to put your hand in your pocket or stand in 3/4 profile if you’re not getting a fit check.
  • Use a tripod and timer/remote. It makes it much easier to get a whole outfit shot and eliminates blurriness caused by unsteady hands.
  • Avoid distracting backgrounds. Composition matters. 
  • If your camera has manual controls, go for a wide aperture (low f number). This creates a shallow depth of field, which will help you stand out from the background. It also increases the shutter speed, for less motion blur.
  • Last but not the least, have fun. Feel free to be creative and try different aesthetics. Don’t take this too seriously.

Anything we’ve missed? Share your Instagram photography tips for guys in the comments below…

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