See & Be Seen At The Worlds SEXIEST Beaches

Part of the ultimate playboy lifestyle is hanging out on a sexy beach surrounded by sexy people. Check out our list of the world’s sexiest beaches!

Crystal clear emerald seas, sun high in the sky, a cool drink to hand and loads of beautiful people. That’s the dream image for pretty much anyone looking to enjoy their beach holiday.

There’s a lot of beaches in the world, but not all beaches are created equal. For maximum fun, these are the sexiest beaches where you’re most likely to bump into a pretty girl (or guy) and party the night away at a nearby cool club.

Koh Phan Gan, Thailand

Home of the full moon party, Haad Rin on Koh Phan Gan is a long white sandy beach lined by authentic Thai cafes and cool spots to grab a coldy. It’s also packed full of gorgeous girls and guys sunning themselves, splashing in that clear blue sea and looking for fun.

Because of it’s rep as a party island, Koh Phan Gan attracts a young and diverse crowd of international hotties. It’s very popular with Israelis who are often great fun to party with (also a little crazy) but you’ll easily find Brits, Americans, Swedish, French and pretty much everyone else.

By night the party kicks off, every night. But it’s the full moon party where things get really wild.

Thailand has it all / pic: Ben Reeves

Ibiza, Spain

What list of the world’s sexiest beaches is complete without Ibiza? Pretty much all of the beaches around Ibiza Town qualify as fun, cool and sexy

Las Salinas is probably one of the best ones, lined with cool bars playing pumping beats and plenty of eye candy. The beach is beautiful too!

Talamanca is also a choice beach for people looking to relax and get to know some friendly strangers. Cala Jondel is a more high end choice too.

Obviously Ibiza’s rep as a party hotspot means there is no shortage of cool places to hangout with the beautiful people. As a nightlife destination it is second to none with plenty of nightclubs and bars.

For the world’s sexiest beaches look no further than Ibiza.

Another awesome sunset in Ibiza / pic: Becca212121

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is probably the world’s best known beach city. And Copacabana is probably it’s best known beach. Where else can you relax on a vast golden stretch of beach in the heart of a booming city surrounded by some of the most spectacular bodies on the planet?

Brazilians are a friendly, fun loving bunch so making a few friends isn’t hard – although speaking some Portuguese will make any social a lot easier.

Other beaches include Ipanema,

This super cool and sexy city is also a hive of amazing nightlife all year round. So even if it’s not beach weather you can head to cool districts like Leblon, Lapa and Copacabana.

Reasons to love Rio / pic: Pedro Lopez

Biarritz, France

Southern France has tons of amazing beaches but Biarritz, on the Atlantic coast, might just pip the Cote d’Azur to the title of sexiest beach in France.

Why? It’s got that cool surfer vibe, it’s not an exclusive club for the super rich and people here seem to be more approachable.

Add to that an amazing Basque food culture and you’ve got what is a definite must visit.

It’s not exactly a party hotspot but there in the summer there are all sorts of events including surf competitions, cool bars and even a world class casino perched right on the Grand Plage.

Birarritz is a sexy beach for those in the know.

Grand Plage Biarritz / pic: Carobo

Agde, France

On the Mediterranean coast you’ll find Agde, a sprawling beach resort built around an old walled town. But the main attraction for the brave is the Plage Naturist – or nudist beach.

An entire complex in it’s own right, this is an eye opener for those who are prepared to show it all off. It’s a holiday destination where singles and couples go to let it all hang out, be free and mingle. Nightlife is nothing short of hedonistic with the focus very much on sexy.

Be warned though, it’s not for the shy types and you’re very likely to see something you weren’t expecting to see.

If you’re not up for getting naked in public, don’t worry. Grau d’Agde is a more reserved spot at the opposite end of this sprawling area, or Cap d’Agde is the more buzzing touristed area which is more family friendly.

Bournemouth, UK

Often overlooked by Brighton, Bournemouth is probably one of the coolest beaches in the UK. Why? It’s not far from London, it’s in the heart of the city and it’s sandy (unlike Brighton).

There’s stacks of cool nightlife in the town, the clientele ranges from students to out of towners here for the party and if the suns out the beach is buzzing.

The main beach by the pier can be a bit family oriented but if you’re looking to get friendly with the locals there are plenty of options.

Bournemouth Beach / pic: Diego Torres

Sosua/Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The north coast of Republica Dominicana is lined with stunning beach towns. Sosua (sos-oo-a) and Punta Cana are two of the most popular, mainly for their buzzing nightlife options.

The beaches themselves are beautiful golden bays lined by sprawling hotel resorts. Much of the nightlife takes place in these complexes but if you want to get out and about and meet beautiful and friendly chicas and hombres then make sure to escape the hotel.

Dominican Republic / pic: PublicDomainPictures


These are our list of the world’s sexiest beaches that we’ve found. Any that we’ve missed? Get in contact below and let us know where we should try next…

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