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Ideas For A Stag Do All Your Mates Will Like

planning a stag do? check out our tips

Are you excited about the honour of being best man, but daunted by the prospect of planning a bachelor party over a weekend? 

The issue can be finding something that all your mates will be able to enjoy. Not everyone has the money to go to Las Vegas or Ibiza.

Here we’ve compiled everything you need to know when planning the a stag do everyone will be up for. Whether it’s getting on the piss, escaping the city and relaxing in nature, or a more cultured affair, we’ve got you covered.

The stag list

Before you start planning your stag do, you’ll need to know who is going. It’s no good planning a weekend in Krakow, only to then realise you’ve invited wayyyy too many people.

The guest list should come first, and then the planning.

Although it might be obvious that it’ll be the grooms best mates, you might also need to think outside the box. Maybe they have work buddies who they’d like to bring, or maybe a family member that you’ve not met wants to get involved.

Put together an email or Whatsapp group so you can communicate with all the stags (leaving the groom out of course).

What to do

If you’re planning a stag weekend that everyone will enjoy, you need to have some varied activities. Yes, getting absolutely smashed on the local brew is definitely gonna happen. But.. Before that you need to have some real fun.

Mix and match activities such as:

  • A team activity that the groom would enjoy – i.e: a round of golf, a game of 5 a side football or another fun team game
  • A tour that lads would enjoy – for example a brewery, cocktail making class or boat cruise/bus tour
  • Food and drink in a quality location
  • A nightclub, pub crawl, festival or other team focused drinking session
  • Possibly some sleaze such as a strip club if that’s the vibe you’re going for (totally optional)

In general, you want to have at least 3 activities within a day, including the party bit.

Choosing a stag do location

When it comes to a bachelor party weekend (yes, weekend. Let’s not kid ourselves that you will be recovered the next day), it’s vital that you pick a good location, with plenty of activities. It’s also a good idea to consider the logistics of getting there, as this can put a downer on what would be an otherwise great weekend.

If celebrating outside the UK, then booking early with a budget airline like Ryanair or Easyjet is a great way to save more money for the trip itself. These airlines fly from a wide variety of airports across the UK and Europe, including Stansted Airport in London. 

Sharing a car to the airport will make this transition easier as well. And prices for Stansted Airport parking are quite reasonable, especially when split between a group. This also makes getting home much easier at the end of the trip, and gives you a chance to build ambiance on the way there.

If celebrating in the UK, hiring a bus with a driver is probably your best bet (you don’t want one of your mates stuck being designated driver all weekend). Other forms of transport like trains, generally aren’t too excited about having a loud rabble of lads onboard. In addition, you can build ambiance with music and activities in the bus (similar to how you would in the car).

So bearing that in mind, here are some ideas for fun weekends that your groom and the team will love.

Prague Stag do

Cheap beer, beautiful women, and incredible clubs. This is the place to go if you are looking to do a weekend of debauchery. Whatever you are looking for, Prague provides. 

This city has an excellent night life, with the Karlovy Lazne nightclub providing a party experience for all kinds. Featuring 5 floors, each floor has a different type of music to cater to those with different interests, and the sheer size of the club makes it an experience in itself.

Another option to consider for a Prague Stag do is to go on a boat party. These events let you party in style while floating down the Vltava River. Often, you can find party planning organizers who will set everything up for you. However, these packages usually don’t include reaching Prague.

So when it comes to getting there, we highly recommend booking the flight with a budget carrier like Ryanair and then taking advantage of the affordable Stansted Airport parking.

Check out our list of fun playboy cities for more inspiration.

Fishing Trip in the Lakes District

Loud cities aren’t really your thing? Then maybe a quiet escape into the wilderness with your closest mates is the way to go. 

A fishing trip in the Lakes District near Manchester will provide you with the quiet solitude and natural respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Men can be men, catching their dinner (although grabbing a few bags of chips is definitely recommended since even the best angler sometimes fails to make a catch), and roasting it in campsite fire. 

Even if things get a little bit wild, you can be sure that you will be far enough away from anyone that you won’t be bothersome. 

To get there, we recommend renting a bus with a driver, or taking a train.

Go cultural

For those looking for a more cultured experience, somewhere like Barcelona or Rome are perfect for a weekend with the boys. You can try lots of wine and fantastic cuisine, do some cultural tours – for example in Rome you’ve got the forum and Coloseum, and in Barcelona obviously you’ve got the incredible Nou Camp football stadium, not to mention some great museums and architectural marvels.

Both cities are also amazing for food, and of course drink. And nightlife is also buzzing in both Barcelona and Rome, so you’ll easily find something for all your mates to enjoy on a stag do.

Some other ideas for cultural cities with good party potential include Krakow in Poland, Riga in Latvia, Budapest in Hungary and Bucharest in Romania.

For non-UK stag planners, check out cities like Cartagena in Colombia, Montreal in Canada, and Bangkok or Pattaya in Thailand.

We’ve actually looked at the wildest stag do destinations before – so check that out too…

We hope this article has provided you with some ideas and inspiration for creating the best bachelor party experience for your mate.

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