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The 5 Must Have Fashion Items For Stylish Men

Do you have any of these essential fashion items for stylish men?

There are certain items in the world that a man needs. This includes essential fashion items as well. There are many times when you’ll find yourself going out but you are really stuck on what to wear. These are the days when you need to use those go-to items. There are plenty of items out there that we all need in our wardrobe. 

Grey Sweatshirt

Everybody needs sweatshirts. That goes for both males and females. You can have all sorts of colours but the must-have colour for a sweatshirt is grey. The reason for this is because it goes well with most outfits making it versatile. Not to mention that they can go well with shorts or even jeans. 

Sweatshirts are a must-buy for those colder months. Spring, autumn and winter is the perfect time to get out that grey sweatshirt of yours. There are plenty of places that will sell grey sweatshirts as well so it is something that won’t be too hard to find. Stone Island, Lacoste and Ralph Lauren all do fantastic designer sweatshirts. Buying unbranded sweatshirts is the best way to look great without spending a lot of money

White Trainers

You cannot go wrong with a pair of white trainers. They can literally go with anything at the end of the day so this is definitely a must-buy for the wardrobe. The best thing about white trainers is that you do not have to spend too much on them. If you are a designer brand person then you can buy yourself a pair of Adidas or Lacoste trainers. There are plenty of brands out there that sell white trainers because they are so popular. 

You can also get a much cheaper pair of trainers which look great as well. If you go to ASOS, they offer plenty of cheap brands with stylish white trainers. These might not last as long as your designer brands but they are still great. It all just depends on how well you look after them at the end of the day. 

Indigo Slim-Fit Jeans

Indigo (blue) is definitely the best go-to for jeans when it comes to casual wear. They can also be good for dressing up as well for your smart-casual outfits. Many places will make denim jeans at a wide range of different prices. 

If you are looking for your more expensive designer jeans then Levi is a great brand for this. Allsaints is another great brand for a high-quality pair of jeans. If you are looking at jeans on a budget then ASOS is your best bet again. 

There are plenty of reasons why jeans are so good. That is because of how versatile they are with other clothes. It does not have to be blue jeans. You can pick up a pair of black jeans as well which are just as good. A white or black t-shirt looks great with a pair of indigo jeans. Complete the look off with a denim or bomber jacket as well at the end. 

Denim Jacket 

One of the best jackets that you can add to your wardrobe. You can layer up a denim jacket really well with other items of clothing like a white t-shirt. Some people will just wear a denim jacket but have it buttoned up. However, we suggest that you put something on underneath it and leave the buttons undone. This is something where men go wrong with not layering up

This is the perfect jacket to wear in the summer because it keeps you warm when the sun goes down. They can be good for the winter months. Just make sure that you have another long sleeve top underneath to keep you warm. Again, many designer brands make their own denim jackets. In a range of prices as well which caters for everybody’s bank account. We mentioned Levi earlier for denim jeans. They are also great for denim jackets as well. 

Variety Of White T-Shirts

T-Shirts are something that we all have for those summer months. However, a white coloured t-shirt is just the safest option. They keep your sweat patches hidden away as well. A white t-shirt is another item that can go with anything. If you are ever in doubt about what t-shirt you should wear and you are in a rush. A white t-shirt is the safest option. Not to mention they can look great on their own. 

Due to the popularity of white t-shirts. Many top designer brands will make their own as well. If you are not feeling spending big on a plain white t-shirt then keep it simple with a non branded t-shirt. If you want to spice up the white t-shirt style a bit then go for a printed t-shirt. These are extremely popular in mens streetwear. It is the perfect t-shirt for summer fashion. 


There are plenty more pieces of clothing that you should add to your wardrobe. However, these are the easy go-to items that can go with many items. Plus, they can make up a full outfit when you put them together. There are plenty of websites out there where you can buy branded and cheap clothing. There are plenty of brands that can be found on both Boohoo and ASOS so make sure you check those sites out.

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